Merchant Integration Overview

The Merchant Integrator is a technical developer, is familiar with the ecommerce system of the Merchant, and is capable of integrating new functionality. The merchant integrator may work within the IT department of the merchant, or may be a contracted position.

Typical Needs

  • To understand how new technologies will impact the merchant ecommerce site
  • To integrate new capabilities, test new code, and deploy new capabilites
  • To ensure the maximum the uptime of the merchant ecommerce system, and minimize disruptions to customer functionality

Typical Development Tasks

  • To consume the Merchant Integration API to enable new endpoints in the merchant ecommerce site
  • To verify that product information is being pulled sucessfully from the merchant ecommerce site, and assure that orders are inserted into the merchant site appropriately
  • To optionally consume the POS/Fulfillment API to integrate in-store terminals and offer a "pick up in store" fulfillment option for online orders.