Consumer Partner Overview

The Consumer Partner is typically an established business or civic entity servicing a large customer base of mobile technology users. The consumer partner wishes to secure enhanced engagement in their mobile app by integrating Bidco capabilities, or increase utilization of existing services by leveraging Bidco functionality.

Typical Needs

  • To increase the customer base via an easy self-signup process
  • To provide new capabilities to an existing customer base, either by publishing a new mobile application, or by adding to an existing mobile application.
  • To service customers, providing help with account maintenance and transaction history.
  • To build an application that runs on multiple mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone

Typical Development Tasks

  • To consume the Consumer Partner SDK to build or enhance a mobile application with Bidco functionality. The API is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • To integrate consumer data with backend databases, via secure encrypted methods.
  • To consume the Consumer Partner API to build a Consumer Portal. The portal may be for internal use for servicing customers, or may be exposed to the consumer to assist self-service account maintenance.