Endpoint Definition

Type Example
Headers Accept : application/json, Content-Type: application/json
HTTP Request GET
Merchant Integration Server URL https:// <bisURL>/shops/<shopID>/products?sku=<product1>,<product2>,<product3>
Your URL https:// <shopURL>/products?sku=<product1>,<product2>,<product3>


  • An alternate API url format is supported for single product requests only.
    • Format: https:// <shopURL>/products/<product1>
    • Example: https://myshop.com/products?sku=P12345 and https://myshop.com/products/P12345 are equivalent.
  • <bisURL> refers to the Bidco Integration Server you are working with. Possible values are:
    • aim-sb1.powa.com - Aim Sandbox 1
    • aim-sb2.powa.com - Aim Sandbox 2
    • prod-euw1-aim.powa.com - Live/Production
  • <shopID> refers to your given shopID (that we've provided you)
  • <product1>, <product2> & <product3> are the unique ID / SKU to reference each product
  • <shopURL> is constant for all endpoints. <shopURL> is the URL where the merchant’s store resides. This may be a simple domain name (myshop.com), a domain with prefix (www.myshop.com), or a domain with path (www.myshop.com/catalog).
  • Your URL is the endpoint that you must expose

Request Format

GET http://url.to.api/products?sku=2323-LG-Red,5623-Lg-Blu,7771-Med-Tan

Other fields may be able to be passed, depending on the eCommerce platform and PSP combination.

JSON Schema


JSON Examples

Scenario JSON sample Notes
Full example, multiple products and options sample-response-GetProductsResponse.json all fields used

getProducts Response Fields and Structure

getProducts Response Fields and Structure