Endpoint Definition

Type Example
Headers Accept: application/json, Content-Type: application/json
HTTP Request Body Please refer to JSON Schema and Samples below
Bidco Integration Server URL https:// <bisURL>/shops/<shopID>/orders/costs
Your URL https:// <shopURL>/orders/costs


  • <bisURL> refers to the PowaAim server you are working with. Possible values are:
    • aim-sb1.powa.com - Aim Sandbox 1
    • aim-sb2.powa.com - Aim Sandbox 2
    • prod-euw1-aim.powa.com - Live/Production
  • <shopID> refers to your given shopID (that we've provided you)
  • <productID> is the unique ID / SKU to reference each product
  • <shopURL> is constant for all endpoints. <shopURL> is the URL where the merchant’s store resides. This may be a simple domain name (myshop.com), a domain with prefix (www.myshop.com), or a domain with path (www.myshop.com/catalog).
  • Your URL is the endpoint that you must expose

JSON Schemas



JSON Examples

Scenario Request Response Notes
Full example, multiple products and options sample-request-CalculateCostsRequest.json sample-response-CalculateCostsResponse.json

calculateCosts Request Fields and Structure

calculateCost Request Fields and Structure

calculateCosts Response Fields and Structure

calculateCost Response Fields and Structure