There are five goals of a successful Bidco System implementation:

  • To allow Bidco to pull product description, pricing, and images from the merchant's ecommerce platform, based on SKU.
  • To enable Bidco to automatically insert customer orders into the merchant ecommerce platform
  • To gracefully handle error conditions, so the customer has a reliable and top-quality experience.
  • To ensure transactional security by implementation of security header checks

The Bidco System defines a Merchant Integration Interface and corresponding API to assist integrators with adding the necessary endpoints to their system.

Allow Bidco to Pull Product Information

When a customer scans a Bidco QR Code with their phone, the Bidco server must be able to pull the latest product information from the Ecommerce site. This allows the customer to make instant purchasing decisions.

Enable Bidco to Automatically Insert Orders

The insertion of orders into the merchant ecommerce system's dashboard is one of the most powerful features of the Bidco System. It directs orders generated by the customer's mobile app to be inserted into the merchant's existing workflow and notification structure, for maximum compatibility with existing processes. Enabling the insertion of orders originating from Bidco requires creating specific webservice endpoints which the Bidco Integration Server can call. The Bidco System provides the tools to add three endpoints specific to order handling. The endpoints are:

More information on when each endpoint is called is available in Checkout Strategy Diagrams. Each method is described in full in the documentation.

Gracefully Handle Errors

To create a stable application, you must be able to catch errors and provide informative feedback to the user and/or the site administrator as appropriate. To facilitate this goal, the Merchant Integration API provides customized error handling with detailed error codes. Codes cover everything from transactional problems like invalid credit card number or bad SKU's, to system level events like network connectivity failures. See Handling Error Conditions for more information.

Ensure Transactional Security

The Bidco Integration server sends an HMAC (hash-based message authentication code) header with every call. Implementing a check for this header is simple, and ensures the order information you are receiving comes from Bidco. See HMAC Key Implementation for more information.