To integrate with Bidco, the website developer must define and expose webservice endpoints for the following calls:

  • getProducts – retrieves product details after scanning a tag
  • calculateCosts – determines tax, shipping, and total cost
  • processOrders – creates an order, with or without payment details included
  • confirmPayment – updates an order with payment info.

Headers for each endpoint shall be:

Accept : application/json
Content-Type: application/json

The endpoints to be created are as follows:

API Method Request Type Endpoint URL to create Role
getProducts GET https:// <shopURL>/products?sku=<product1>,<product2>,<product3> Enables the retrieval of product title, images, description, options and pricing.
calculateCosts POST https:// <shopURL>/orders/costs For a given product or products, calculates the shipping and tax cost, to get total order cost.
processOrders POST https:// <shopURL>/orders Creates an order in the merchant ecommerce platform. May or may not include payment information, depending on the checkout strategy (see below).
confirmPayment POST https:// <shopURL>/orders/<orderID>/confirm-payment In the Hosted Payment with Order ID Strategy (see below), the Powa server tells the merchant ecommerce platform the results of the payment gateway transaction.

Where <shopURL> is the URL where the merchant’s store resides. This may be a simple domain name (, a domain with prefix (, or a domain with path (

Ideally, production systems should ALWAYS utilize the secure https:// protocol for the API calls, though http:// is available for testing purposes.

Request bodies are defined in the JSON examples for each method call.