The Bidco SDK makes it easy to build or enhance a mobile application with Bidco functionality.

Before jumping into the details of the SDK, you should familiarise yourself with:

Useful Concepts

  • Profiles - A profile stores all the personal, address and payment details of the consumer user. It also stores information like the catalogs, baskets and coupons that the consumer has saved.
  • Merchants - A merchant is an entity that sells products, services or digital downloads to customers.
  • Triggers - A trigger is a mechanism that enables a mobile application to detect and react to Bidco tags that have been placed in online and offline media.
  • Workflows - Workflows determine the actions that should be offered to a user. For example, the workflows for purchasing a product and entering a competition will be quite different.
  • Products - Products can be physical goods, digital downloads or services that are sold by merchants.
  • Baskets - A basket is a collection of products that a user has selected that can be checked out and purchased.
  • Catalogs - a catalog contains categories of products that a consumer can view and purchase from.
  • Coupons - coupons are automatically delivered to users via the SDK for them to redeem during purchases.
  • Fulfillment - applicable order fulfillement options are automatically provided based on basket contents ane location.
  • Payments - consumers can easily and securely add payment instruments to their profile which enable single-tap purchases from any Bidco enabled merchant.
  • Acts - consumers are able to respond to a merchants 'call to action' by providing the relevant information through the app.
  • Transactions - transactions history is available for all transactions.

Typical Shopping Paths

The Bidco SDK enables the following features to users of a mobile app:

  • Buy a single product from a merchant
  • Buy multiple products from a merchant
  • Retrieve, save and purchase products from a merchant's catalog
  • Receive, manage and redeem coupons during purchases.
  • Ability to respond to a merchants 'call to action' by providing the relevant information through the app.